"Allow me to introduce myself..."- Ms. Tea

Some of you know me, and some do not.  I'm sure I have made your acquaintance at some point, or perhaps caught a glimpse of you at that social event a few weeks back.  Somehow we lost touch, but I am making the time to reacquaint myself.  I am that one friend that knows how to listen.  You know, the one that seems to show up right on time and say just the right thing to keep you inspired.  You have no problem being yourself around me, because we understand each other.  No pretense, no games, just relaxed truth: like being home.  It's been too long since we spoke.  So pull up a chair, lean back and put you feet up.  Let's enjoy a chat over tea, whether steamy or iced, to bring us back to ourselves... Back. Home.

~Ms. Tea

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